Jaloe 4oz


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Buttafly's Hair and Body Jaloe includes all natural and soothing Aloe Vera and key ingredients to be used in your hair daily as a moisturizer and styling formula. Since Aloe Vera is a main ingredient, you don't have to worry about mildew (from excessive water applications) Aloe Vera promotes skin healing which means it soothes itchy scalp and your skin. Oils INCLUDES Shea, Mango seed Butter, Rose Hip, and Avocado which is awesome scalp, hair and skin food. Like all of Buttafly's hair and body products, you may use this on your skin and in any hair type and style. Buttafly's Jaloe includes the top oils used by most manufacturer's hair products in FULL amounts with no fillers or synthetic oils such as mineral oils. Buttafly's Jaloe does not contain alcohol, preservatives, phalates, or parabins.

Fragrances are found in the "Buttafly's Fragrances" section.

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